Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the terms for using music from this website?

A. All music on this website is completely free to use under the Creative Commons License (CC BY 3.0). You may use it for personal or commercial use, all I ask is that you attribute 'Beau Buckley', and provide a link back to this website.

Q. What requirements are there for commercial use?

A. You may use my music for commercial use, however you cannot sell my music in any form, or redistribute it for profit. You may make money from a creative project that it is used in, such as a video game.

Q. The .MIDI files sound different on my computer. Why is this?

A. .MIDI files are instructions which tell your computer which sounds to play. The output of a .MIDI track depends on which soundfont your computer is using. When writing the .MIDI collection, I used my computer's default Roland Sound Canvas soundfont.

Q. How can I make .MIDI files sound different?

A. You can use software like 'VirtualMIDISynth by CoolSoft' to make the tracks play using a different soundfont. Some software including game development engines may also come packaged with their own soundfonts.

Q. How do I make sure the .OGG files loop correctly?

A. All music I have shared on this website was designed to loop seamlessly. The .OGG files are designed to loop correctly using tags, which specify where and when to loop. Most software should correctly use these tags and loop.

Q. Can I download the music in .MP3 format?

A. MP3 is a patented format, which requires a license if 5,000 or more copies are distributed. In respect of licensing laws, I've uploaded all my music in the patent-free 'OGG Vorbis' format. If you still want to use .MP3, you can use a program such as Audacity to convert my music.